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Excursion to Alp Flix

Treasure Island Alp Flix – 20 years of biodiversity research:
Focus on spiders


03.08.2024 at 12:15 o'clock
Alp Flix

Alp Flix is a treasure island of biodiversity. Over 3000 species live on the boggy plateau. Discover the eight-legged web acrobats on an excursion of the Friends of Spider Research.

As part of the GEO Day of Biodiversity in 2000, 2092 animal and plant species were recorded on Alp Flix. Since then, the "Treasure Island Alp Flix" foundation has been organising further research projects and the number of species has so far risen to around 3600. Among them are also some species that no one knew before. For example, the 2mm spider species Caracladus zamoniensis, which was discovered on the alp as part of a master's thesis.

Somewhat larger is the "small mock antula" Alopecosa pulverulenta, which we can meet on the excursion with a bit of luck.

Meeting place
Meeting point: Tigas stop, hotel

Arrival information
Tigias stop, Hotel


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