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Veia digl Pader 07: Igl noss sanctuari

Wallfahrtsort Ziteil
Igl noss sanctuari
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Igl noss sanctuari

Seador da vals da larmas

pelegrigns of sur igls pros,

tras igls gôts, vers blava pizza,

Sot la crousch digls sies chitos.

Suaditsch e larmas bognan

l'erta sponda digl curver!

Betg schi lev scu chel digl paster:

grev cun crouschs è sies lascher!

Nossadonna sur la fola

Dolza, Banadond, IGL Mang.

Plagn cunfiert, puspe sa derva,

Scu'na flour, igl cor malsang.

Ena mar da neivels corva,

sot Ziteil, la bassa val!

Scu dulzos tar otras sferas,

leds ambleidigl tot igl mal!

Fr. Alexander Lozza

The Pilgrimage Song    

From the deep valley of tears

pilgrims flock to Ziteil.

Through the forest to blue mountains

the path leads so far and steeply.

Cross and sorrows some carry,

are also ready to repent.

Sweat and tears fall more often

on the way to loneliness.

With the hand of blessing, full of gentleness,

Mary points heavenwards.

Full of confidence, like the flower,

the weary heart opens.

All the worries, all the lows

covers a vast sea of fog.

And the soul its wings

Now stretches freely and carefree.

Duri Loza (Translation)

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Igl noss sanctuari


Veia digl Pader 07: Igl noss sanctuari

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