Felsenfest Parc Ela in Bivio | Sunday, August 4th


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Veia digl Pader 09: Dumengia a Salouf

Kirche S. Gieri Salouf
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Veia digl Pader 09: Dumengia a Salouf


Dumengia a Salouf

Segl crest sa dolza l'alva baselgetta,

la crousch-clutger sagetta seadot!

Bisond, scu aviouls, vign la glioutetta

E tschom'an lunga reia giu pigl mot.

Tot alv cun neiv! – Sfrignond vign la bargeda;

igl pi davos en pover vigl cugl gop! –

Gist scu l'arblanga sen igls ovs platgeda,

la vischnanchetta spetga giun en fop!

Chise igl Toissa arda scu barnia;

igls neivels, feman sur chel grond altar! –

Egl chegl gl'antschains da l'oraziung? – Biia

igl pievel tgi so creir; sperar, orar!

Fr. Alexander Lozza

Sunday in Salouf

The white church sits enthroned on a gentle hill.

The old tower calls to prayer today.

He is a finger pointing to heaven,

an arrow upwards from earthly need.

A winter morning. – Like a ptarmigan,

the village crouches, awakening from the hollow deep.

At the sound of the bells the children come laughing,

followed by the pious people in a long line.

The mountain in the morning lights burns and shines,

the clouds are the incense at the altar,

meanwhile, the songs sound from the church. –

Yes, blessed is the people who can believe.

Duri Lozza (Translation)


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