FAQ about the protection concept COVID-19

The health of our guests and employees is our top priority. For this reason, Savognin Bergbahnen AG has registered for the label CLEAN & SAFE. Under the label, Savognin Bergbahnen AG has developed a protection concept for the operation of the cable cars and will proactively communicate it to guests and employees and ensure compliance with it

FAQ I frequently asked questions

The current situation presents us all with great challenges. In order to offer our guests the greatest possible security for unique mountain experiences, we have developed appropriate protection concepts and employee instructions for our businesses.

With the following information, we want to answer the most important and frequently asked questions about the protection concept. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Apart from the measures in the protection concept, the guests' personal responsibility and mutual respect are at the centre of attention. Only together will we be able to enjoy unique ski days again without any further restrictions!

Concentration of tickets online/ on site

According to our experience of the last few weeks, we have enough space in our ski resort and guests can also buy their tickets at the ticket office on site. However, in order to be 100% safe, we recommend that you book your tickets online in advance. Telephone reservations are not accepted.

Can I return ski passes purchased online?

No. Our general terms and conditions also apply to ticktes purchased online (from 3-day ski passes if you have a medical certificate in the form of a credit note).

Where must a mouth/nose protection be worn everywhere?

For transportation on all facilities, it is mandatory to wear a mouth-nosal protector. In addition, the wearing of a mouth-nosal protector is mandatory in all publicly accessible interiors and in all waiting and access areas (outside and inside). Even in the restaurants, a mouth and nose protection is mandatory on the way to your seat or whenever you leave your seat.

Who is exempted from wearing mouth-nose protection?

According to the ordinance of the Federal Office of Health, children up to the age of 12 do not have to wear a mouthpiece.

What can I use as a mouth-nosal protector?

According to the current state of knowledge, classic protective masks do not necessarily have to be worn, but also certified multifunctional wipes provide the necessary safety. The information on the page www.bag.admin.ch/masken provides information about the certified types of masks.

How to use the mouth-nosal protector?

The mouth-nose protector must cover both mouth and nose completely.

Where can I get a mouth-nosal protector?

Guests can always bring their equipment including mouth-nose protection themselves and must follow the recommendations of the FOPH (self-responsibility). Protective masks are given at the ticket offices of the cable cars for a contribution of CHF 1. -. Neck hoses / multifunctional wipes are available at the sports shops at the valley station.

What happens if I don’t use a mouth guard?

People without mouth-nose protection are not transported with our transport equipment. In exceptional situations, we reserve the right to block the affected ski passes.

Does a mouth-nosal protection also have to be worn on the slopes?

No mouth-nose protection is required on the slopes, but here too, especially for group gatherings, the regulations of the Federal Office of Health apply.

Are the gondolas and lifts ventilated during the journey?

All cable cars are ventilated to the best possible extent during the journey. Please ensure ventilation during the journey (open the window, open the weather protection cover)!

Where are there disinfection facilities in the ski area?

Disinfection facilities are available in the toilets and at neuralgic points throughout the ski area.

How is the guest informed about the Corona security regulations on site?

Visitors are constantly informed of the Corona security regulations in force on site by means of information signs and display displays.

Are there capacity constraints on the railway facilities?

Only two thirds of the seats may be occupied in all closed means of transport, e. g. trains, cabins and gondolas.
However, we will also make sure that we have as many available vehicles as possible (garage all gondolas and armchairs) even if there are fewer guests.

What measures are taken at the cash registers?

Our cashier employees are separated from the guests by windows. We appeal to guests that only one person per family /Group at the cash desk and that the safety distances are respected. In addition, we ask you to pay cashless if possible. In the best case, you can use the opportunity to purchase your ski tickets in our webshop in advance.

How are Savognin Bergbahnen AG employees trained and instructed about COVID-19 safety measures?

Employees are trained and instructed in accordance with uniform guidelines and regulations on Corona security measures. In addition to the protection concept, there are separate work instructions for the individual teams to ensure the safety of our employees and guests as well as the operation as possible.

Are bus trips, group trips and school trips allowed?

Provided that the measures of the protection concept are adhered to, bus trips as well as group and school trips are possible without any problems.

Do the measures have an impact on the interaction of employees with guests?

We ask for your understanding that, due to the current situation, our employees will only offer you the usual support with the transport facilities to a limited extent. For example, guests are asked to load and unload their skis and prams independently in the cable cars or to iron on the ski lifts themselves in order to maintain the safety distance. We would be happy to support you anyway, especially if you are travelling with children. Please ask our railway staff actively in support!

Are there any other restrictions for visiting the ski area?

We recommend only those who feel healthy to visit the mountains and ski resorts. Guest data of purchased ski passes are not stored or used for tracking. We therefore recommend that all customers and guests download the Swiss Covid App in order to be contacted in the event of a potential contact with a person suffering from Covid-19 and to immediately go into quarantine.

Are there any restrictions on events and events?

The requirements of the Federal Council, the cantons and the FOPH regarding major events and events are observed and implemented by the SaBB. The planned events of Savognin Bergbahnen AG will take place subject to the applicable legal regulations. However, changes in this respect may occur at any time at short notice.

For all paid event bookings via Savognin Bergbahnen AG, a free cancellation period of 72 hours before the start of the event is valid for pandemic-related reasons. These include increasing numbers of infections, quarantine of participants, etc.