Bivio - Alp Flix

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Bivio - Alp Natons - Kanonensattel - Alp Flix
Bivio - Alp Natons - Kanonensattel - Alp Flix

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Bivio - Alp Natons - Kanonensattel - Alp Flix
Technique /6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2248 m
Lowest Point  1764 m
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Alp Flix
46.468142, 9.649332



At the northern end of the village of Bivio, you cross the bridge to the right side of the valley river Gelgia (Julia) and follow it to the start of the forest. Then you turn north and head upwards to the upper edge of the wood. After making your way around a small pond on the right, you reach the cabins of Alp Natons (Pt. 1963). You're high above Val da Natons, which is flanked by the mountains in the east. Now you hike further along the path, which leads to the upper section of Val da Naton, where you cross over the creek after the cabin at Pt. 2158 in order to make your way to Ransung terrace on the other side of the creek. Pare Neira rises up in the north, which you go around on the left so that the path through Muttariel after the Salategnas group of buildings is left free.

You are now high above Marmorera lake, which glitters miraculously or mirrors its surroundings, depending on the time of day. Alp Flix, which begins in Salategnas, is an expansive mountain plateau with meadows and pastures that extend as far as the many lakes to the north of the great terrace. The groups of houses that form Tigias, Tga d'Meir, Tgalucas and Cuorts bring the landscape to life. Flix was inhabited all year round by the Walsers from the 14th century.

Below Tga d'Meir stands the old Son Roc chapel, which was previously dedicated to the local St. Luzius. Below the pastures of Roc are the small lakes of Lais Blos and Lai Neir, reflecting the Piz Platta which rises on the other side of the valley. From Alp Flix, the striking Piz Platta seems a particularly impressive mountain. In Tigis, you have the opportunity to spend the night in the mountain inn.

There are several routes to take back to the valley. From Salategnas, you can descend on the path to Marmorera or Sur, passing the disused mines at Gruba. From Tigias and Tgalucas, roads lead down to the car park and further to Sur. From Cuorts, you can take a path down along the Ava dallas Cuorts to Sur.

Inns en route: Bivio: 6 restaurants, 4 hotels. Tourist office Tel. +41 (0)81 684 53 23. Alp Flix: Berghaus Piz Platta (overnight stays possible) Tel. +41 (0)81 659 19 29. Sur: Restaurant/Hotel Alp Flex Tel. +41 (0)81 684 52 85.


Good hiking shoes and appropriate clothing are recommended.


Bivio – Alp Natons – Salategnas – Alp Flix


Public Transport

Getting there: By PostBus to Bivio.

Getting back: By PostBus from Sur, Cuorts.


In the large car park behind the Hotel Guidon.

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