Piz Calderas 3397 m ü.M.

9.5 km
4:30 h
1393 mhd
236 mhd

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From Tschima da Flix, descente on glacier and climb to the Piz Calderas.
Technique 4/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  3359 m
Lowest Point  2203 m
Best Season
Julier Hospiz (2284 m a.M.s.l.)
Piz Calderas (3397 m a.M.s.l.)
46.471924, 9.716143



From Chamanna Jenatsch:

From the Chamanna Jenatsch (2652 m) to NW, until you can climb to the left on the Vadret Calderas to P. 2963. Continue to SW at the foot of the Piz Picuogl N-Wand uphill on the flat glacier saddle. After N, pass to the left of P. 3166 and over the increasingly steep final slope to the summit. 2.5 hours

Departure: along the ascent routes. You can also drive directly in the S in the S of P. 3084 through a small throat to the Vadret Calderas.

Departure via Plang Lung to Sur:

In the upper part jumping descent through the steep W channel (average inclination 35° to 300 m ascent, in the upper part up to 40°). Only for safe skiers in perfect snow conditions. The protected areas in the N and S of Sur must be observed.

Departure: from the summit (3397 m) on the ascent route into the glacier saddle south of P. 3166. Now with the necessary caution through the initially steep and narrow W channel down into a large hollow. Plang Lung and along the Ava da las Tigias down to the mountain house Piz Platta near Tigias (www.flix.ch). Along the Alpine road, last over meadows or via P. 1897.8 directly to Sur (1537 m).

Departure via Tellers Davains to Sur:

Jumping descent, quite exposed in the top part. Only in perfect visibility and snow conditions (in the Curanegl couloir 35 - 40° to 400 m ascent). Protected areas in the N and S must be observed.

Downhill: From the summit directly to SW over the rocky flank and then along a narrow snow ridge up to a protruding shoulder. Now turn right down through a weakly pronounced throat at the N-foot of the rocks of Piz Cucarnegl (3051 m) until you reach a wide steep hollow. Through this now less steeply north down into the Kessel Tellers Davains and to Alp Flix and on to Sur (1537 m).



Ski tours – ascents and descents – are usually undertaken off the marked slopes. Neither the authors of the description of the tours nor the bodies responsible for this communication disclaim any responsibility in the event of danger.

We expressly point out that all ski tours described here are undertaken at your own risk.

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Ascent: Julier Hospiz (2284 m a.s..M l.) - Val d'Agnel - Fuorcla d'Agnel - Fuorcla da Flix - Tschima da Flix.

From Tschima da Flix, descent on the glacier and ascent to Piz Calderas.


Public Transport

With postcar until Julier Hospiz

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With car until Julier Hospiz


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