A lot of snow is to be expected above 2,400 metres above sea level. The hiking trails at this altitude are not passable.

To the webcams

Piz d'Err 3378 m ü.M.

10.7 km
5:30 h
1677 mhd
499 mhd
Piz d'Err 3378 m ü.M.
Climb from Julier-Hospiz (2284 m ü.M.) - Jürg Jenatsch-Hut : 3 1/2 hours

Clim from Jürg-Jenatsch-Hut (2652 m ü.M.): 2 1/2 hours

Technique 4/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  3376 m
Lowest Point  2198 m
Best Season
Julier Hospiz (2284 m a.M.s.l.)
Piz d'Err (3378 m a.M a.s.l.)
46.472116, 9.715842



From Chamanna Jenatsch:

Safe conditions on the Vadret d'Err are required (30 - 35° to 100 m ascent). The summit ascent can be tricky in hard snow or even icing, crampons are then essential.

From the Chamanna Jenatsch (2652 m) to NW and through a steep valley to the Vadret d'Err. Over this in the middle steeply up (attention crevices), then over the glacier plateau in a northerly direction right past P. 3308 into the hollow at the foot of the summit structure. With skis over the steep E-slope to below the striking summit rocks. Ski depot. Now turn right through a steep snow channel into a saddle from N over light rocks to the summit. 2.5 hours

Departure: along the ascent route

Departure to Sur:

Great steep descent, but only for safe, alpine skiers and with ideal firn (average inclination 35° to 450 m ascent, in the upper part up to 45°). Occasionally also committed in ascension. The protected areas in the N and S of Sur must be observed.

Departure: From the ski depot to the saddle between Piz d'Err and P. 3308. Now through the SW couloir or, depending on the firn conditions, over the S-flank down into the large basin of Tellers Davains. Left of P. 2315 down into the plain of Alp Flix to Tgalucas (1969 m) on the Alpine road, finally over open meadow slopes to Sur (1537 m).

Departure to Val d'Err to Tinizong:

Challenging, alpine descent over the northern Vadret d'Err. Due to the retreat of the glacier, the steepness compared to the LK has increased (30° - 45° to 400 m ascent). The respective conditions must be explored in advance, as the downhill route from the summit is not visible, and the risk of crevices should not be underestimated. Impeccable visibility and experience in assessing the avalanche danger are a prerequisite.

Departure: from Skidepot to E and on the right edge of the glacier below the rocks of Corn Jenatsch (3165 m) right down into the huge basin of the Val d'Err. Through the gently inclined valley to alp d'Err and Alp Viglia (1974 m) and briefly follow the alpine path downhill to the bridge P. 1659 at Tgant Pensa. On the road or on the S-side of the stream you reach Tinizong (1232 m).


Beautiful view to Piz d'Err.

After the tour have a stop in one of the comfortable restaurants in Bivio.


Ski tours – ascents and descents – are mostly undertaken off the marked slopes. Neither the authors of the description of the tours nor the bodies responsible for this communication reject any responsibility in case of danger.

We expressly point out that all ski tours described here are undertaken at your own risk.

Please note the current avalanche bulletin


Ascent from the Julier Hospiz (2284 m a..M s.l.) - Jürg-Jenatsch-Hütte: 3.5 hours

Ascent from the Jürg-Jenatsch-Hütte (2652 m a.M.): 2.5 hours


Public Transport

With postcar until Julier Hospiz

Anreise Information

By car to Julier Hospiz or by taxi Jäger, Sur, Tel. +41 79 408 08 08, jaegertrans@bluewin.ch

Tour riders can now reach the Julier Pass by bus.
Please reserve at https://schneetourenbus.ch/strecken/bivio-julierpass/


Parking is available at the restaurant Hospiz La Veduta

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