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Bau Pumptrack Velosolutions
Pumptrack Surses: A meeting point for the whole region
Bau Pumptrack Velosolutions

We need your support!

The newly founded uniun Pumptrack Surses is committed to the realization of a pumptrack near the bathing lake Lai Barnagn. The idea is to realize a meeting point for sports enthusiasts of all ages in our valley, a place where young and old, local and guest can let off steam and exchange ideas. For the realization the association needs your support!

Pumptrack Velosolutions

Uniun Pumptrack Surses

We as an organization would like to realize the Pumptrack together with the municipality of Surses.
With your support you enable the expansion of the facility for a separate kid track and a skate area. This makes a park for everyone possible. As Uniun Pumptrack Surses the project will be pushed forward together with the top motivated young people of Surses, the joy of anticipation is great. Together we want to show that the needs of the young people in Surses are met and therefore increase their attachment to the village. It will be a common project in which the young people themselves will lend a hand. With our engagement we will reduce the costs for the Pumptrack by own achievements and participate in the upkeep after the construction.

Why do we need that?

From the very beginning of the project, the young people of the youth room in Cunter were involved by the organization in the planning. The core idea is the realization of a cool pump track for all ages with an additional extra kid track, so that the youngest can let off steam undisturbed and therefore quickly find and develop their joy on bikes, scooters and skateboards. Furthermore, there has long been a desire on the part of young people to set up some of their skate elements, which will be taken over from the city of Chur in 2019, in Savognin. Since we have had an ever-growing skater scene in Surses for years, we find this additional project very worthy of support. To give the whole thing a meeting point character, we also advocate the construction of a small shelter where riders can rest and parents can watch their children. In addition, we as a club can store there the material that is needed for the maintenance. The shelter will be built by the club itself, so only the costs for the material and the cutting will be required.

Pumptrack Velosolutions

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Contact uniun Pumptrack Surses:

Livio Cadotsch (president)
079 903 79 85

Adrian Ballat (vice president)
078 779 06 57

For more up-to-date info, check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PumptrackSurses

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