Free ride.

Sport bus Savognin

All winter sports enthusiasts have free travel with the sports bus.

Sport bus Savognin

Passengers with a guest card Val Surses have free travel with the scheduled PostBus courses to and from Savognin.

Larger groups can be transported directly to the cable cars by special transport. Information and registration at the Savognin post office. Tel.: +41 58 453 26 33

In case of course delays, connections at the Savognin post office are not guaranteed. Changes are possible in case of extraordinary situations.

Important: In order to respect the safety measures and capacity increase, between Christmas and New Year's Day, an additional bus will run without a timetable. If the sports bus is already very busy, we ask you to wait for the additional bus.

The sports bus only runs when the Savognin mountain railroads are in operation. If the operation of the mountain railroads cannot be started for a whole day due to bad weather conditions, the operation of the sports bus is also interrupted.


Sportbus Early Bird

On Sundays in February, March and April 2022, there is a sports bus for early bird skiing.

Bus stop Driving time February (March)
Savognin, Posta 06:15 (05:45)
Savognin, Bursa 06:16 (05:46)
Savognin, Sur Ual 06:17 (05:47)
Savognin, Sot Spondas 06:18 (05:48)
Savognin, Soras 06:20 (05:50)
Savognin, Canetel 06:21 (05:51)
Savognin, Strada 06:22 (05:52)
Savognin, Tect 06:23 (05:53)
Savognin, Tgampi 06:24 (05:54)
Savognin, Cresta 06:26 (05:56)
Savognin, Danilo 06:27 (05:57)
Savognin, Surses Alpin 06:27 (05:57)
Savognin, Bergbahnen an 06:29 (05:59)
Bus stop Savognin, Posta Savognin, Bursa Savognin, Sur Ual Savognin, Sot Spondas Savognin, Soras Savognin, Canetel Savognin, Strada Savognin, Tect Savognin, Tgampi Savognin, Cresta Savognin, Danilo Savognin, Surses Alpin Savognin, Bergbahnen an
Driving time February (March) 06:15 (05:45) 06:16 (05:46) 06:17 (05:47) 06:18 (05:48) 06:20 (05:50) 06:21 (05:51) 06:22 (05:52) 06:23 (05:53) 06:24 (05:54) 06:26 (05:56) 06:27 (05:57) 06:27 (05:57) 06:29 (05:59)
The sports bus will then run again at 08:05.