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Klettergarten Bivio
Do you like to be out in the nature? In Switzerland's largest nature park, mountain peaks are enthroned with breathtaking climbs and views. The most famous are called: Piz Ela (3339 m), Piz Platta (3392 m) or Corn da Tinizong (3173 m).
But be careful when climbing; the rock is less solid than it seems. Fortunately, our mountain guides know the safe way. For those who just want to climb comfortably, there is a climbing garden in Bivio, ideal also for children.
Klettergarten Bivio
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Guided climbing garden Bivio

Always on Tuesday in the summer season you have the opportunity to climb with a climbing guide in the climbing garden. Register online now.

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Klettergarten Bivio

Climbing garden Bivio

Only 3 minutes from the village of Bivio is the climbing garden Motta da Crest. The climbing garden has 11 routes with different levels of difficulty.

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Mountain guide

Experience the fascination of climbing in the fantastic mountain world around Savognin and Bivio. Our mountain guides will bring you safely to the top and back to the valley.

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General information

Make a climbing tour only if you have the necessary knowledge and a good condition, are sure-footed and free from vertigo. Unexperienced mountain climbers and families with children are recommended to be accompanied by a mountain guide. The climb is at your own risk. Any liability is rejected.

The following points should be especially noted

  • enter only in stable weather conditions
  • suitable equipment is obligatory
  • watch out for other people and do not cause a rock fall
  • insurance coverage is the responsibility of each individual
  • when descending, be sure to walk along the ropes (danger of falling rocks)
  • please report any damage to the Savognin guest information office or the Bivio information office
  • respect the fauna and flora
  • do not leave any garbage

Note on the via ferrata Piz Mitgel

Because of an heightened risk of falling rocks, the via ferrata remains closed until further notice. The ropes have been partially removed from the Senda Diagonala and also from the Senda Verticala. An ascent is therefore significantly more difficult and is at your own risk. Any liability is declined.