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Segantini 20: Alp Tussagn

Mezzogiorno sulle Alpi – Mittag in den Alpen, 1891: (77,5 × 71,5 cm, Öl auf Leinwand, Segantini Museum St.Moritz, Depositum der Otto Fischbacher Giovanni Segantini Stiftung).
Alp Tussagn

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Mezzogiorno sulle Alpi – Mittag in den Alpen, 1892: (85,5 × 79,5 cm, Öl auf Leinwand, Ohara Museum of Art, Kurashiki, Japan).
In search of the clear light, Segantini is drawn higher and higher. He spends his summers in a hut on Alp Tussagn. There he painted "Cows at the Drinking Trough" and "Lunch in the Alps".


Segantini's former hut no longer exists, it has fallen into disrepair. It could be that the picture "My Models" shows a room in the hut.

Mountain range with Piz Curver and Piz Toissa
In both pictures, taken on Alp Tussagn, the snow-capped mountain range with the peaks Piz Curver and Piz Toissa on the opposite side of the valley can be seen. However, the painted landscape corresponds only to a limited extent with the real one, as Segantini changed it considerably by fading out spaces in between. The painting "Lunch in the Alps" has become one of Giovanni Segantini's most impressive and popular works.

Success at the World's Fair
In 1889, Giovanni was able to show the painting "Cows at the Drinking Trough" together with two other paintings at the Paris World's Fair. It wins a gold medal there. A journalist and theatre critic sees even Segantini's strongest skills at the time combined in the picture.

Giovanni Giacometti
The Graubünden painter Giovanni Giacometti also discovered Segantini's painting at the World Exhibition. He later became a pupil of Giovanni Segantini and completed Giovanni Segantini's work after his death. He is present at the death of his friend on the Schafberg.

In audio , Giovanni Giacometti gets to know Giovanni Segantini's paintings at the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. He was fascinated by the depictions of the mountains of his homeland in such intense colour and light conditions. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures.  

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Alp Tussagn


Segantini 20: Alp Tussagn

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