So close to the origin.

Churches and historical buildings

Kapelle auf der Alp Flix (© Mattias Nutt)
The Val Surses has a history. As early as the Bronze age, people did a lot of trade over the Julier and Septimer. The Romans even built a temple on the Julier Pass, two stone pillars still bear witness to this. In the middle ages, bishops had beautiful churches and the proud Riom Castle built, which still characterize the valley today.
Probably the most spectacular structure in the region is the Landwasserviadakut. Completed in 1902, the railroad bridge is a UNESCO World heritage sight.


3 churches in the holiday region

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Kirche Son Martegn, Savognin
Son Martegn, Savognin

The church Son Martegn is one of the most important baroque buildings in the canton. The dome inside is completely painted. The theme of the over 100m² large painting is the vision of the heavenly Jerusalem.

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Wallfahrtskirche Ziteil
Pilgrimage church Ziteil, Salouf

In 1580, our Lady appeared here to the faithful. The church is the highest pilgrimage church in Europe and is located at an altitude of 2434 m. You can reach the Marian shrine only on foot via the pilgrimage route.

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Kirche St. Peter Mistail
Church of St. Peter Mistail, Albula

The old monastery church was built around 800 in the time of Karl the Great. Characteristic features are the unstructured, flat-roofed church hall and the three apses. The church is completely painted.


Churches and chapels

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Church Savognin
Baroque church of Son Martegn
The ceiling frescoes of the baroque church of Son Martegn in Savognin are impressive with their concentric circles, creating the illusion of an ascending dome and symbolising paradise. Baroque churches are to be found in several villages in Parc Ela.
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Church Bivio
Bivio Evangelical Church
As the last sacral building on the Julier route before the ascent to the pass height, the Evangelical Church of Bivio sets a sign of Christian faith.
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Church Savognin
Church of Nossadonna
Nossadonna (The Church of St. Mary) and la Punt da Crap (stone bridge) were created during the Baroque period.
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Church Savognin
Church of Son Martegn
The church dominates the village and is one of the most important baroque churches in Graubünden.
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Church Savognin
Church of Son Mitgel
The tower between choir and ship: substructure from Romanesque times. Bell-shell with pilaster sandands and pointed helmet give it the elegance of the baroque campanile.
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Church Mon
Old parish church Son Cosmas and Damian
St. Cosmas and Damian, early Romanesque complex with late Gothic tower.
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Church Rona
Parish Church of Son Antoni e Son Linard

St. Anthony's Church of Rona, in the village of Ruegna. In the background Pizza Grossa, Corn da Tinizong and Piz Mitgel.

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Church Cunter
Parish Church of Son Carlo Borromeo
St. Rochus Chapel in Del (faction northwest of Salouf).
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Church Sur
Parish Church of Son Fluregn
The beautiful church is located on a rock cone. 


3 historical buildings in the vacation region

Burg Riom, Savognin
Castle Riom, Riom

The castle is one of the most important castle complexes in the Grisons and is under the protection of the canton. The former bishop's castle can be seen from the outside.

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Alte Mühle, Salouf
Old mill, Salouf

The mill belongs under monument protection. The special feature of the mill is the combination of a stone mill with a roller mill in a small space.

Landwasserviadukt © Rob Lewis Photography
Landwasser Viaduct, Alvaneu

The Landwasser Viaduct is the largest and most spectacular structure of the Rhaetian Railway's UNESCO world heritage line.