Segantini in Savognin

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1:00 h
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Mezzogiorno sulle Alpi – Mittag in den Alpen, 1891: (77,5 × 71,5 cm, Öl auf Leinwand, Segantini Museum St.Moritz, Depositum der Otto Fischbacher Giovanni Segantini Stiftung).
Follow in the footsteps of world-renowned artist Giovanni Segantini on a one- to two-hour walk through Savognin and discover the landscape and motifs that once inspired his paintings.
Giovanni Segantini lived with his family in Savognin from 1886 to 1894. He was already a successful artist during his lifetime. Many of his great works were created in Savognin. Today, Savognin is located in the Parc Ela, the largest nature park in Switzerland. More than 100 years ago, Segantini discovered what still distinguishes the area today. He was fascinated by the mountain landscape and the clear light in the mountains, was interested in the animals and the people who went about their work outdoors and was inspired by nature.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  1241 m
Lowest Point  1170 m
Best Season
Stradung 15, Savognin
Church of Son Martegn, Savognin
46.597131, 9.59723



Biography Giovanni Segantini, 1858-1899

Segantini was born on 15th January, 1858 in Arco. When his mother died, he was taken into the care of his half-sister in Milan at the age of 7. The latter returned his Austrian papers without applying for Italian citizenship, leaving Segantini stateless until his death. He spends the dark years of his youth, living partly on the streets and in an educational institution. From 1875 he attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and celebrated his first successes. In 1879 he met his future art dealers Vittore and Alberto Grubicy. He meets Luigia Bugatti, known as Bice, who stays by his side from then on. Because of Segantini's statelessness, the couple can never marry. In 1880 they moved to Brianza, where Segantini studied the daily life of farmers and shepherds. From 1882 to 1886 their four children Gottardo, Alberto, Mario and Bianca were born. In 1886 the whole family moved to Savognin. Segantini discovers the mountains and rural life. He begins to work in his own personal divisionist painting technique and pictorial language. In 1894 the family moved to Maloja. On September 28, 1899, Segantini died of peritonitis on the Schafberg.

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Flyer walk "Segantini in Savognin"


The tour starts at the Hotel Pianta at Stradung 15 and ends at the church of Son Martegn on the other side of the village and valley. If you read and listen to all the information, you will need about 2 hours.


Public Transport

With SBB and Rhätischer Bahn via Chur or from St. Moritz to Tiefencastel. From there you continue by postbus to Savognin. Three times a day, a Postbus runs directly from the Engadin via the Julier to Savognin. Timetable online:

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