The largest nature park in Switzerland.

Parc Ela

Parc Ela, Alp Flix
Parc Ela is the largest natural park in Switzerland. Located in a varied landscape around the Albula, Julier and Septimer alpine passes, it offers pristine nature, intact romansh villages and a living culture in the three languages Romanesque, Italian and German. The municipalities work together to strengthen the regional economy, to protect the natural environment and the countryside and to preserve the cultural heritage.
Wandern im Parc Ela, Savognin
Wildlife watching
Alp Flix (Picture: Lorenz A. Fischer)
Bergwald im Parc Ela
Kultur Savognin Bivio Albula
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Parc Ela on foot

Beautiful walks and winter walks lead through Parc Ela. The best way to experience the impressive nature is on foot.
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A guided tour in the Parc Ela

The unique natural landscape can be discovered through special guided tours and excursions on specific themes.
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Researcher trail

On the Alp Flix, Professor Fix and the special research kit help you to explore the unique moorland landscape. An experience for young and old.
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Themed hiking trails

In Switzerland’s largest nature park, there are numerous themed trails on which you can learn a lot about nature and culture.
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Rätoromanische culture

The rätoromanische culture with churches and museums form an interesting structure between nature and human life.
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Parc Ela products

Various handicrafts and agricultural products are produced and sold directly in Parc Ela by local companies. See for yourself what valuable things you get in the largest nature park in Switzerland.

Produzent im Parc Ela (Bild: Lorenz A. Fischer)
Wandertouren Parc Ela
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Hikes in the Parc Ela

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48h in the Parc Ela

A culinary journey from Bergün to Savognin

Watch 48 h im Parc Ela on YouTube.
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Parc Ela

Parc Ela for schools and companies

Experience a day at Parc Ela with your class or your team on an excursion or a nature exercise. There are plenty of opportunities for helping out in nature but also for team building.
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Stay at Parc Ela.

Booking accommodation

Book your stay in Switzerland’s largest natural park now.

Information and reservation office Parc Ela

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